Our Published Authors

Ryan Moorhen, now identified as a Biblical Archaeologist, Independent Assyriologist, Semitic and Cuneiform manuscripts researcher and enthusiast of all things ancient, made his first visit to the middle-east whilst serving in Iraq. It was during that difficult time he became enthralled in the origins of civilization. Upon his return  he embarked on his now long career in Theological Studies, carving his niche in Sumerian Theology and proving the connections between the Sumerian origins of civilization and Theological studies of Worldwide cultures.

Stacy Dalton's Fascination with Egypt began at an early age, when he showed proficiency and high aptitude for languages, having read the story of Jean Francois Champollion and the decoding of the hieroglyphs, he was immediately drawn to Ancient languages of Egypt and the Middle East. He has worked on 9 expeditions and written 33 papers on every Kingdom and Dynasty of Egypt, he has now expanded his insights into other ancient civilizations and dabbles as an investigative mythologist.​ Stacy believes when we crack the origins of creation mythology we will crack ancient civilizations, something many scholars largely ignore.

Norah Romney is a Maori- Inuit ambassador with lineage to both cultures, she was orphaned early in her life losing both parents in a plane crash in the Pacific, she was adopted in the UK to  a family of archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and folklorists. She is the first woman to be appointed as a lecturer in ethno-archaeology, and cultural folklorist as ambassador to to the Inuit's, she has spoken vastly on Maori traditions in 74 nations. Adopted into a wealthy middle-class English family in the United Kingdom, she sees herself as a global citizen with diverse roots, Having achieved Egyptology and Mesoamerican Qualifications her focus is now on Global Mythologies and their insight into ancient civilizations.

Henry Romano, also known in India as Manu Radhesh, was educated in Hertfordshire, in England, formally trained as a British archaeologist, who subsequently excavated the numerous ruins of the ancient cities  of the Indus Valley. He has uncovered evidence of sophisticated civilizations. which he he refers to as 'Vedic Civilization One'. His work on Vedic Cosmology was one of archaeology’s major achievements and greatly advanced the study of Indian, Vedic, Sumerian and indeed World prehistory. He is currently working on the Ancient Origins of Latin America.