In Memoriam: Kurt Hanson (1973-2008)

I learned last week that Kurt Hanson, an old friend of several of us here, died on April 9th.

Kurt was a regular at the Quest Book Shop in Wheaton and a presence in the Young Theosophists community.

No one could have met Kurt and not been immediately struck by the intensity and authenticity of his very being. Kurt was a living question and suffered accordingly. I always loved talking with Kurt and felt the profound affection rightfully accorded one whose search for truth was so intractably genuine.

I often felt that Kurt’s mind was almost too open for his own good. Our ability to function in this world is predicated upon the capacity to filter out information. Kurt had the appearance of one through whom too much was passing, a wire insufficiently insulated for the current coursing through it.

There is an excellent tribute here.

I had no idea, however, of just how much he was suffering. I wish I had talked to him more. I wish I had hugged him the last time I saw him. Still, I am grateful I knew him at all, and even more grateful that many of my memories are of the irreverent laughs we shared.

Many of you were closer to Kurt than I was. Please reply with your own memories and tributes.

Kurt, may your spirit find rest. I love you.

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