Human Civilization – from the Indus Valley to Buddha and Plato

Available evidence as of now in the year 2013 appears to suggest that ancient Indus Valley was the crucible in which people from far away places such as the Armenian Highlands, Catalhouyk, Jericho and other places came together with the local Australoid population as far back as 7500 BC – 3500BC to pool together their knowledge and develop the earliest innovations of human civilization such as metallurgy, textile clothing, agriculture, animal rearing, trading, irrigation, grain storage, writing, bricked buildings, planned urban areas and a structure for governance of large areas that included urban centers that were the hubs of trading, religion and governance along along with rural areas as hubs of agriculture; on the peaceful ( no evidence of armies, wars and weapons has been discovered in archeological findings) climatically moderate and fertile plains of Indus valley.

Human Civilization – from the Indus Valley to Buddha and Plato

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