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How Hinduism Differs from other organized religions.

How Hinduism differs from other organized religions:

In summary, Hinduism differs from other organized religions in the following aspects:

• It is not based upon one particular founder.

• It is not based upon one particular book.

• It is not controlled by a central institution or authority such as a church or an association.

• It is not averse to examine and assimilate fundamentally diverse thoughts and beliefs into its system.

• It accepts other religions as various paths to salvation and does not favor organized attempts to convert people.

• It has been evolving continuously, through internal reforms and as a reaction to the threats and challenges.

• Hinduism is a way of life, more than a religion

• An attitude of understanding and tolerance is taught within the religion, where all religious teachings are not to be looked down upon and that no one way of worship should be considered better than another.

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