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How Ganesha got Elephant’s Head?

In Hindu Mythology amongst all devtas Lord Ganesha is having supreme place . According to hindus  No auspicious work is completed unless it starts with the name of Sri Ganesha. Ganeha is an elephant head God …

Here is a story to tell you How Ganesha got Elephant’s Head…

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati lived on Mount Kailasha. Nandi and Other Gans (servants of Shiva) served them whole heartedly One day, when Lord Shiva was not present on Mount Kailasha and Goddess Parvati was preparing for bath , she thought to appoint  Nandi as a guard on the gate of the palace. She ordered  Nandi to guard the gate and do not let anybody enter the gate. After that she left for  bath , As soon as she left Lord Shiva came to kailasha and was coming towards the palace . Nandi at a moment thought that , Lord Shiva is husband of Goddess Parvati and his Master as well ,if he stops him he will get angry and if won’t stop him then Goddess will get angry . Before before he could  say anything to his master, Lord Shiva entered the palace . Nandi was helpless , he diapered from the gate. When Goddess Parvati saw Lord Shiva entering the gates , she got furious at once she decided to create  a boy who will only obey her, as no Gan on Kailasha can disobey their master Shiva.

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