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Holy Cow KaamDhenu

GavuMaata is the name given to the Cow in Indian Mythology. Gavu means Cow and Maata means Mother or Goddess. the Kamdhenu contains gods and godesses in her body. She provides all the desired food asked by the owner.

She emerged from churning of the cosmic ocean by both deataas and daanavs. Kaamdhenu is also worshiped as Surabhi, Sabala, and Kapila.

Kaamdhenu is the cow of plenty she is the providor of milk and milk products.

Her four legs symbolize the four Vedas.

Her horns symbolizes Tridevs . The Brahma on the tips, the Vishnu in middle and Mahesha on the base of horns.Agni and vayu ( fire and wind gods) in her Shoulders and Moon in her eyes.

Her name comes in many Epics , many avtars of Vishnu are some how related to Kamadhenu.

Brahma Gifted Kamdhenu Golok ( world that belongs to Cows) ( Go is Cow, lok means world) when she worshiped him on himalyas for 10,000 years.

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