History of astronomy in Armenia

Milky Way (mythology)

Studies of the Armenian rock art present in the territory of modern Armenia (historic Armenia was ten times larger, having 300,000* square km area) show that the Armeni­ans were interested in heavenly bodies and phenomena.

The Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, Comets, Milky Way, Stars and Constellations are reflected in these pictures drawn on rocks in mountains around Lake Sevan and elsewhere in Armenia. These drawings are being studies by a number of historians, archaeologists, and astronomers.

Armenia is one of the cradles of ancient science, and astronomical knowledge was developed in ancient Armenia as well. Contrary to its small territory and relatively small population, Armenia was and is rather active in astronomy.

Astronomy in Armenia has been popular since ancient times: there is much evidence of astronomi­cal observations dating back thousands of years. Among them: the rock art (numerous petroglyphs of astronomical content).

History of astronomy in Armenia

Karahundj- Armenia’s Stonehenge

The Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)

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