Hijab debate: It’s not just a dress

The question of Hijab and whether it should be allowed in schools or not, answer to it is not as simple as it looks because everyone is missing the point, some claim wearing it is freedom of religion, some say it is oppression, others say it is just a cultural dress. So what is it exactly?

We need to understand fundamental philosophy, Psychology behind this.

There is a certain mentality behind the imposition of Veil on women, first we must understand that in some way part of each religion is morality or supposed morality, they preach what is moral and what is immoral.

The ignorance in form of lust, Greed, anger etc resides in every human being (except those who are enlightened) these feelings lay dormant (prasupta) in minds until a person encounters some stimulus to wake these feelings up, when woken up these feelings tend to propell a person in certain direction, a person who drinks alcohol will desire to drink when he sees others drinking it, a child will want to Play when he sees his friends playing, a foodie sees picture of food and desires to order something, these stimulus wake up the desires in mind.

Now a person who is wise will try to control them, with knowledge, a person who sees photo of Junk food may think about his health and benefits of eating healthy food and stop the desires regarding it, a weak person may not be able to and fall for it.

Now this weakness of mind make people do horrible things, which is considered a sin,

so what a sensible person will do? Teach people to control their mind, to stop the desires before they become uncontrollable. What an idiot will do? He will ask to cover the things which are causing desires instead on focusing on weak mind of the person.

You have desires when you see food? Order all people to hide food from public view so that nobody gets distracted, seeing women makes your mind weak? Order all women to cover themselves. This won’t work, desires don’t stop this way, it will only increase them

Hijab or Burka or Purdah is not just a dress, it is a stupid solution to a simple problem, The Hijab, asking women to cover themselves so that seeing them won’t generate desires in weak minds of believing men.

Hinduism on other hand focuses on controlling the mind, if you have weak mind it’s your fault, not fault of others, if seeing women makes your mind weak? Cover your eyes (Gopatha Brahman 1.2.2), control all desires through meditation and Abhyasa (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) and overcome it.

This is the right approach, the logical approach. This is what should be promoted and taught, there is no question of allowing Veil in schools when it is based on a stupid patriarchal method to preserve morality which most of the time do not work.

I have immense faith in Indian Judiciary and I hope decision they take will be logical, considering the basic philosophy behind the imposition of Veil on women.

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