Highly Unusual Olmec Art that has Scholars Baffled

Besides the massive heads made of basalt, the Olmec appeared to enjoy carving smaller heads out of various other types of stone. Archaeologists have found stone masks and statues, as well. Much of the information that the world now has about this early Mesoamerican civilization comes from carvings and paintings that stood the test of time.

Caves in the area, which may have been used for religious ceremonies, had decorations near the entrances. Images of kings and queens seated on beautiful thrones have been seen in various places. Some are also surrounded by images of crops or simply decorative patterns.

Archaeologists were very lucky to realize that some of the Olmec treasures had been preserved in the El Manati bogs. They found stone, ceramic, and even wooden artefacts with some dedicated digging. Some include the Rain Baby god, a lovely jade axe head, and even depictions of rubber and paper offerings that were apparently burned for religious ceremonies.

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