Hayer / father

P.I.E.  * pǝter > Proto-Germanic *fader > English father

P.I.E.  * pǝter> Proto-Armenian *hayer > Armenian hayr (հայր)

P.I.E.  * mater > Proto-Germanic *moder > English mother

P.I.E.  * mater> Proto-Armenian *mayer > Armenian mayr (մայր)

Armenian and English have in common, for example, the words “father” and “mother.” Although the latter look somehow different to their Armenian counterpart հայր (hayr) and մայր (mayr), there is no doubt that both share the same ancestors: P.I.E. *pǝter and *mater.

More interesting is that Hayer is close to heir as in heritage and inheritance. Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highland. The Armenian endonym for the Armenian people and country is hayer and hayk’, respectively.

Hayasa-Azzi or Azzi-Hayasa (Armenian: Հայասա) was a Late Bronze Age confederation formed between two kingdoms of Armenian Highlands, Hayasa located South of Trabzon and Azzi, located north of the Euphrates and to the south of Hayasa. The Hayasa-Azzi confederation was in conflict with the Hittite Empire in the 14th century BC, leading up to the collapse of Hatti around 1190 BC.

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