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Has the humanity failed?

This is not a war this is genocide Palestine has no army no navy no airforce, they are people who still own the key to the house that was taken away from them and is currently being lived in by a Jewish civilian, hundreds of children have died because unlike Israel there is no warning when a bomb comes so the children cannot hide, stop making up reasons to why the children are dying 4 little boys were playing on a beach and were fired at by an Israeli ship!

This isn’t about race or which country your from this is about humanity and from what I know and I hope eveyone should know is that killing hundreds of innocent children is not something that you ignore Israel has broken 69 un resolutions and iraq broke 3 and got invaded bombed and destroyed!

What I’m trying to say is if you think Israel is in the right than please I beg you stop watching CNN and BBC and read a book on the history of Palestine! And If you say Hamas is a terrorist well Hamas is just like a person being attacked by rapist and hitting them that is not terrorism that is self defence! 

Nothing against Jewish people I just choose the side of the victim that has all of it’s rights as a human taken away and where innocent little children have died.

Sami Abdel-Shafi:

The Gaza strip is now unlivable. For the sake of humanity, the international community must require Israel to end this disaster: Gaza needs the world’s help

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