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Griha Pravesh- The 'pravesh' of happiness in your life

On the day of the ceremony, house is cleaned and decorated with a garland of mango leaves, hung across the main doorway as a protective barrier against evil. Poles are erected outside the house around which banana leaves are wound and tied. Both the mango and the banana tree are considered auspicious, since they are symbols of fertility and prosperity.It is laid down in the scriptures that the Griha Pravesh ceremony should take place at an auspicious time i.e. muhurat. One should consult the Pandit for the auspicious date and time for the ceremony.

Before entering the house, a ceremony called Vastushanti is performed. This ceremony aims to appease the gods and planets so that the owner of the house is blessed with good fortune. Like any other puja, this also begins with Ganesh puja, to remove all obstacles. The next ritual is the oblation to the Yagya (havan).

Mother-in-Law Welcomes Daughter-in-Law on Her Arrival

Griha Pravesh is when the newly wed lady enters her husband’s home for the first time. A big welcome is accorded by everyone to the newly wed couple with a traditional ‘Aarti’, a prayer, on Griha Pravesh. She is now a wife and daughter-in-law in her new home. At the entrance, the daughter-in-law is made to put her right foot onto a tray of vermilion powder mixed with water or milk, symbolising the arrival of good fortune and purity after Hindu Indian marriage. With both her feet now covered in the red powder paste, she kicks over a vessel filled with rice and coins to denote the arrival of fertility and wealth in her marital home. This is one of the customs performed in Hindu Indian marriage. To watch the Griha Pravesh ceremony, join ApnaMatch to form friendship which may turn into permanent relationship.

The Couple Start a New Life After Hindu Indian Marriage

The husband is with his wife most of the time to make her feel comfortable in the new environments. On the occasion of Griha Pravesh, he is at her side to give her confidence. He consoles her and says that she is the queen of the house and has the same rights here as other members of the family. In Hinduism a woman occupies a high place in society and is given love and high respect. Her happiness at Griha Pravesh brings prosperity and good luck to the family. Her connections with her parents and other members of her family become of secondary value, and she is now more attached with the new family. Complete your own dating registration if you wish to learn more how to get settled in new environments after Griha Pravesh in Hindu Bharat matrimony.

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