Gitamrita Mahima

“I protect the Three worlds with the knowledge obtained from Gita,”

Githa jnanam upasritya trin lokan palayamyaham declares Lord Vishnu in Varaha Purana (one of the 18 puranas).

If this is the case with the supreme, then estimate how much we should depend on Mother Githa , to make our life meaningful and worthy in this world.

In this busy world people do not have time to read every shloka line by line and understands its meaning. So I would like to you all the benefits of reading these chapter, which would enable them to like to read it to get those benefits.

Arjuna Visada Yoga

“Once there lived a Brahmin by name Susharma. Ignoring his traditional duties of performing vedic rites and sacrifice.He fell into evil ways and enjoyed intoxication. He ate flesh and meat. This unholy existence ended by snake bites. Trapped in the cycle of birth and death Susharma was reborn as an ox and was bought by a lame person. The routine of transporting the master continued for 7-8 years.

Once the lame owner was in an urgency which could not be incorporated by the thirsty ox, this made the lame owner leave the untended ox there to die. Thats when a lady of low morals happen to pass by and seeing this ox comforted it. She had no meritorious deed and yet these words ended the pains of the ox. Later the ox was reborn into a holy Brahmin family.

The young lad grew up in the pious environment. By the grace of the almighty he suddenly remembered his previous life. At once he set out to find the lady who had comforted him when he was an ox .

When he met her he learned the truth that she did not have any good deeds but just the sayings of her parrot.

Both the lady and the lad set out to question the parrot which in turn told that it had the fortune of listening to the 1st chapter of Geetha by some scholors and was then captured by a hunter and was sold to this lady and so it decided to remember the great words which would liberate every creature in this world from all miseries.And lo! The ox was liberated the low moral lady had so much of happiness just by listening to the Parrot! And as it was speaking a heavenly chariot carried the parrot and was transformed into a divine being.

And after visualizing these the lad and the lady learnd the versus from the Guru and in due course were liberated and became immortals.

This chapter not only relieves us from all the miseries of life but also liberates us from the cycle of birth and death if read with devotion!!!

First chapter of Githa deals with the state of confusion in every being!!

These stories were told by our guru!!

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