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From Chapter 7, 8 and 9 of Garud Puran

Chapter 7

Garud asked ” Oh lord Krishna ! please inform methods for the sinner to go to heaven.”

How can Persons, who are busy to satisfy their desires, attain Sat Budhi or good intelligence?

Krishna informs that persons, who are having son,can never get Dur Gati. If due to any reasons one is not blessed with son then one should worship Harivansh Puran, sould perform Shatchandi Yagya, should worship Shiva to get rid of Pret Atman Life.

Basically in this chapter it is explained  that after death one leaves body as Pret Atman or Bio Pret Atman. This Bio Pret Atman is to be converted to Bio Atman  to  suffer or enjoy past actions. After suffering or enjoying due to past actions then Bio Atman converts to Atman. This Atman is free from Bio Chip and is ready to enter in to next life or birth.

Here also importance is told about Pind Daan. It is explained that friends can also perform last rites for dead man to free him frpm Pret – Bio Atman. So that Pret – Bio Atman can be changed to Bio Atman.

Chapter 8

What should son do, so that his father or mother are free from Pret _ Bio Atnman and are only Bio Atman. One should bath body of beloved father or mother or friend. One should spray perfumes or stick ( Agarbatti), Kumkum, Tulsi, etc. donation to Vipra or Brhmin who does this Puja? Worship ” Om Namoh Narayana” or “Om namoh Bhagwate Vasudeva” One should speak name of Shiva and Vishnu. Here different names of Vishnu told ” Matsaya, Kurma, Varaha, Narsingh, Vaman, Parshuram, Ram, Krishna, Budha, and Kalika” Speaking all these names helps Bio Pret Atman to get purified. It is said that any above name helps the Bio Pret Atman to get purified. Once pronounced , one get purified. He who donates cow , does not fall in Vitarni river.Any donation even at the time of leaving body, helps this Bio Pret Atman.Til, iron, gold, Cotton, Salt, land and Cow is considered good and satisfies Chitra Gupt or Bio Chip. This satisfies security guards of three other doors . it is also said that one cow should be given to one brahmin only. One cow should not be given to many Brahmans. Cow which is given with 8 grains is known as Antdhenu. Cow which is given to Brahman to take care of sufferings after death is known as Rudra Dhenu. Cow which is to be given to pay debt is known as Debt cow ( Rin Dhenu)., Cow to get salvation is known as Salvation cow ( Moksha Dhenu) and cow to cross vaitrani River is known as Vaitrani Cow. Donation of Cows blesses Adhi Bhotik, Adhi Daivik, Adhyatmik sins frees persons from Kayik, Vachik, Mansik Sins.Vaitarni river is known to be 100 Yojan. it is also stated that on Date of starting Yuga is known as Yugadi Thithi. Starting of Satya yug is Vaishakh Shukla thritya, Treta yuga starts on kartik shukla navmi, Dwapar Yuga starts BhaterPada Krishna Triyodashi , and kali Yuga starting date Magha Amavasya. Donation or Gift should be given to Sat patra and merci can be shown to any one.Good or bad actions only proceed with the person to next life. Body burns but actions done reamain with bio Atman. Meeting of brother, mother, sister or father is like meeting some one on beer bar . It is very temporary. One should give donation with his own hand. Religion can be with faith and trust. It can not be with money. People with devotion get heaven.

Chapter 9

Earth of body goes to earth. Water of body goes to water or Ganges. Air of body goes to air after death. Fire of body becomes part of fire after death. Sky part is mixed with Sky. verse 42 – 43.

In all people there remains Shiv. It is always free and it is omnipresent and immortal. God comes and takes good person in Aeroplane and decorates them with Gold or silver eytc with all ornaments. Tulsi Leaf with Til and Kush grass gives Moksha or one reaches Vishnu City. Til are black, Brown and white., Grass and Tulasi. Asur, danav, and daitva runs away after seeing Til.Kusha Grass is also developed by God. It’s touch only makes man pure.

It is said in verse 19 to 21 Rakshash, Pisach, Bhoot, Pret, and Yam Doot catches pret atman , if one dies on bed,or in Akash above earth.

Any person during death , if he drinks Ganga water, gets Moksha Taking name of Ganga also purifies. If Atman leaves thrugh 7 upper holes ( Mouth, Two Eyes, Two ears, Two nose holes) Good Atman leaves body through above 7 holes. Yogi Atman leaves through tongue. .

As one leaves old house and enters in to a new purchased house, Good person’s Atman leaves one body and enters other body.

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