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From chapter 4, 5 and 6

Chapter 4

In verse no 1 Garud asks Krishna ” Please tell me by which actions

1.0 one gets high way (Death High Way Road )(Auto Bahn) for Yam Lok ( Place of God of death),

2.0 one sinks in dirty river of blood and other flashy organs ( Vaitarni River)

3.0 one goes to hell”

Krishna says ” Human being, who is always busy in sins, goes to one hell to the other hell and suffers and passes through door on south side. Religious persons travel through other three doors”

After passing through 4th door on south, one falls in to Viaterini River.

Chapter 4

Plants, Hills, these are known as non moving yoni or creations. Ants, reptiles, Birds, Animals, water animals like fish etc and Devta , these are 84,00,000 Yonis are known. 8.4 Million Yoni.Atman suffers as per it’s actions and take birth to different Yoni or Births. He who does not respect teacher suffer in hell. He who tortures human beings suffer in hell.

Vaitarni River is one of the worst river. One suffers in this river the maximum. He who does not donate Black cow in his life, goes to Vaitarni River and then to Shalmali Tree.He who burns the forests, is baked in oven or grilled.

After suffering in million births, Bio Atman takes birth as human being. One who comes after suffering from hell takes birth in families of Chandal. Not only this , they suffer with Kusht disease, some one are blind since birth. One can see persons with different diseases due to past bad actions.

Chapter 5

He who kills Brahman suffers from T.B. He who kills Cow become Idiot and Kubda. He who murders female child or sleeps with teachers wife suffers with skin disease. He who kills wife or sleeps with others wife become impotent in next birth. He who eats meat his skin is always red, he who drinks alcohol his teeth are black. Brahman who is greedy suffers from stomach diseases. He who eats without giving other suffers with throat infection. He who insult teacher suffers from brain disease.

He who steals books become blind.He who kicks Brahman and cow becomes Lula and Langra.

He who gives poison,become mad. Brahman who does not worship or chants Gayatri Mantra , who does not worship during morning and evening, takes birth as Bagula bird. In case some one take food without invitation takes birth as crow.Brahman who does not teach to the right candidate becomes bull. He who does not serve his teacher becomes bull and ass. He who cheats friend becomes vulture of hills. Daughter in law not serving parents in law takes birth as lice of hair. Women who does not care of her husband and enjoys other men becomes as she-bat or lizard or snakes of two heads. He who marries of the same Gotra lady becomes bear. He who develops sexual relation with Tapswini becomes Pisach and in forest Ajgar. Man who sleeps with Kings wife becomes camel.

He who sleeps with friend’s wife become donkey. He who cheats Brahman suffers in 7 births continuously. No one can cheat Brahman without suffering. Oh Garuda , human being can be seen with some signs of their sins of earlier life and what they suffered last. In this way all creations take birth and die. This birth and death continues in all the four creation places in the universe. Due to my nature all creations takes birth and dies continuously in higher or lower creations. Due to it’s actions they suffer or go to heaven or hell and takes birth on earth.

By not donating one becomes poor, once poor,he commits sin. Once he commits sin, then he goes to hell and after suffering takes birth as poor and the same cycle repeats again.. It is only after great efforts and worship and blessings one takes birth at a higher level. Every one has to suffer due to past actions and suffers till one does not completes suffering. One has to suffer due to past actions.

Chapter 6

Oh Krishna person who comes from hell how he takes birth in mothers womb? How he suffers during pregnancy? Please explain?

Krishna informs Garuda ” How human being is created due to combination of Semen and eggs of male and female. “In brief it is explained how life is created in 9 months?” I shall add those details later.

Here it is explained that one becomes angry due to no knowledge. Due to this foolishness one develops enmity and jealousy etc due to pride etc.

After suffering so many lives one takes birth as human being. In case one does not utilize it for the benefit of improving one’s level of energy one goes to hell again. This is how the normal life pattern is on this earth.

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