First legend – Fact or Fiction?

It was the dawning of the Neolithic and of the legends of civilization. Early man was coming out of the mists of the prehistoric into an era of writing, math, metallurgy and agriculture. For one million years mankind had only evolved to the late stone age called the Paleolithic. The highlight of this era was chipped stone tools, the bow and arrow and art. Within seven thousand years a new world order dawned. Just a blink in geological time. The old culture of the hunter/gather gave way to the farmer/herder. That was the beginning of cities and the complexities of human society.

How the depth and speed of this phenomenal cultural revolution happened has been the speculation of the ages. In antiquity the universal answer was that the most ancients had perpetuated through oral traditions a story stretching back to the edges of time. And that story was that civilization was a gift from the gods.

The first writings on cuneiform clay tablets contain fragments of that narrative including gods who walked on the earth, an angelic war between the forces of light and darkness, how the world was created, the first humans and of a devastating deluge – a world flood. In their own voice they felt the importance that this memory be among the first recorded strokes of writing.

There are other parts to this ancient account of things past. This written memory includes a time when there was paradise on earth, a tree that conferred immortality on those who ate it’s sweet fruit and of ancient cities now gone. Just as the Babylonians put the pieces of the Gilgamesh epic together, this web site puts the legends and so called myths together into chronological order as one comprehensive story. The blue print for the story is from the Urantia Book.

This web site explores the root of civilization that has its beginnings in prehistory. The focus of this search is on events written in the Urantia Book and verified as best as archaeologists and scholars can, interpreting cuneiform tables written by the Sumerians and others more than five thousand years ago.

Although the first written Sumerian accounts start from about 3,000 BC they tell of events much older – oral legends from Paleolithic times. These records are of an ancient hidden culture predating the Sumerians by thousands of years. The chronology is as follows: About 500,000 years ago a group of celestials came to this planet to elevate the population from a hunter/gatherer culture to an agrarian one thereby establishing the groundwork for a more peaceful society and to advance civilization.

Unfortunately this plan was interrupted by the Lucifer rebellion the “war in heaven”. The rebellion divided these celestials – “angels/gods” – into two camps, those who remained loyal to the divine plan and those who chose to align themselves with Lucifer.

From the rebellion comes the story of angels coming to earth, mating with humans and producing a race of hybrid humans – the Nephilim. It was later into this post rebellion era that the arrival of Adam and Eve happened. They also were celestials, not angels as such but were biological uplifters to improve human genetics and reinstate the divine plan interrupted so long ago.

Because of certain similarities, location and the enormous length of time in which these two events transpired, they became admixed by the time they were written down. Adam and Eve had now become the first humans created by the Sumerian “gods”.

On the face of it, it sounds too fantastic and it is regarded as just myth by archaeologists. This modern age viewpoint is a conceptual shift on what really happened. We have become victims of our cultural perspective to believe that the ancients thought the gods were the sun and planets. That all this past history is some type of symbolism to explain the heavens, seasons and natural forces.

The technical revolution which drives the modern viewpoint, which is only one hundred seventy years old, has effectively replaced much of the hundreds of thousands of years of the past. It has relegated ancient history to early morning TV shows and comic books. It gives no credit to the centuries these stories survived. But we do have records in Genesis of the Nephilim.

The prophets over a long period of time have had communications with celestial beings. The Sumerians, or as the Urantia Book describes them as the Andites, are the key component in our story. They are the first beneficiaries of the bestowal of civilization.

Historians and archaeologists are at a loss to explain how these people could have had a fully developed civilization “from out of nowhere”. If they would listen to the ancients they would find out that civilization did come from the gods just as the ancient texts reveal. As the Sumerians migrated from Mesopotamia they took civilization out to the rest of the world and into history.

This web site examines related subjects germane to this discussion such as Legends of the gods, the Nephilim, the Tree of Life, the Garden of Eden, the Anunnaki, the Caligastia 100 and much more. The main reference for this material is the Urantia Book published by the Urantia Foundation. All information regarding the foundation, the Urantia Book and related organizations such as the Fellowship (the original social fraternal organization of believers in the Urantia Book) can easily be found on the Internet.

When surfing the net for evidence to support this site’s position on the roots of civilization, many statements made on other sites have been found to be undocumented. In order to give the reader the most balanced view of this proposal as many statements as possible have their origins documented. Follow the URLs to where the quotes were taken and judge for yourself. It is recommended to do this and examine the context from which the quotes were taken and to recognize where credit is due.

First legend

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