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Exposing the Stupidity

This guy on Instagram claims that mantra of Atharva Veda ब्रह्मचर्येण कन्या युवानं विन्दते पतिम् do not refer to education of women.

He says Brahmacharya is Adjective of Husband,

Totally wrong any person who has studied basic sanskrit knows that Brahmacharya is in Tritiya Vibhakti and Pati is in Dwitiya

It can never be Adjective of Husband, ब्रह्मचर्येण means through Brahmacharya

पति is in Dwitiya Vibhakti hence the कन्या obtains husband through brahmacharya, just a mantra above this Sayana says Brahmachara refers to study of Vedas

This he claims Brahmacharya is in masculine form so wife cannot use it, shows that he do not even know elementary sanskrit grammar, it is in instrumental form so its gender do not matter here

If I say अर्जुनो रथेन गच्छति here Arjuna is masculine and ratha in Napunsak ling, but Ratha is instrumental and is NOT adjective

I feel like I am giving a free sanskrit lesson here, but Beware of such frauds

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