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Ellora Caves Documentary, The Mind Boggling Rock Cut Temples of India

Everyone is trying to understand how the Ellora caves were built, cut out of the rocks, without the use of ‘modern’ technology it is a construction that we would be hard pressed to replicate today. This new, never before seen documentary will look closely at this intricate temple and suggest—as have many archaeologists—that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures were far more advanced than some scholars are crediting them for. What baffles experts is their incredible precision and design. It seems very plausible that whoever built these fascinating cave may have been using an unknown advanced ancient technology. Cave 16, the magnificent Kailasa Temple, and is notable for being the largest monolithic structure in the world that was carved out of a single piece of rock! Watch awesome documentaries by subscribing and of course hit the bell button in the top right twice, to stay informed of our latest releases. Leave a like, comment and of course share far and wide.

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