we are very glad and pleased to announce that our book “EGYPTIAN RELIGIOUS CALENDAR – Great Year of Ra CDXIII-CDXIV (2013 CE)”, the Complete Egyptian Religious Calendar for the current year 2013, is available on!! it is also possible to look inside the book:

Description (394 pages): The Complete Egyptian Religious Calendar for the current year 2013, with all the religious prescriptions and the sacred festivities for every single day of the year. The Religious Calendar is the link that connects the world and the cosmos and, through it, the present time and the eternal time of the Myth are finally understood as one and the same, in a perpetual unity, in the endless and perennial eternity of Time. The sources used to reconstruct the Egyptian Religious Calendar and to date the Sacred Festivities are: two papyri, the “Cairo Calendar n. 86637” and the “Sallier papyrus IV”; the list of the religious celebrations dated to the Middle Kingdom; the lists of the Sacred Festivals from the Temples’ Religious Calendars: the calendar of King Thutmosis III from Ipet-Sut, the Precinct of Amon-Ra at Thebes; the Temple of King Thutmosis III at Elephantine; the Temple of King Ramses II at Abydos; the Temple of Millions of Years of King Ramses III, West Diospolis Megale, Thebes; the Temple of Horus at Behdet/Apollinopolis Megale; the Temple of Hathor at Iunet/Dendera; the Double Temple of Haroeris (Horus the Ancient) and Sobek at Ombos; the Temple of Neith and Khnum at Iunyt/Latopolis.

INDEX: -Introduction- the Calendars of Ancient Egypt the Civil Calendar the Great Year of Ra the Religious Calendar: the Seasons, the Months, the Days of the Month, Favorable and Adverse Days -Egyptian Religious Calendar- List of the Festivities for the current year 2013, CDXIII-CDXIV Great Year of Ra-

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