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Don’t let Israeli army brainwash you, warns powerful short film

A new dark, psychological short film by Nadim Hamed produced by Eyad Barghouti in cooperation with the Palestinian civil society groups 7amleh and Baladna makes a bold statement against Israel’s latest attempts to enlist Palestinian citizens of Israel in the occupation army.

Project X features Samer Bisharat (star of Oscar-nominated Omar) as a youth who is brainwashed into serving in the army. But instead of gaining the privileges promised by a Palestinian collaborator, the young man realizes only devastating psychological and social costs as a result of his choice to serve.

The artistically potent short takes up one of the most pressing issues facing the nearly 1.7 million Palestinian citizens of Israel who face daily systematic discrimination from education to employment and severe restrictions on land ownership.

Binyamin Netanyahu push now ahead with a rare change to Israel’s basic laws – which amount to the country’s constitution – to insist Israel is “the nation state of one people only – the Jewish people – and of no other people”. Amid rise of anti-Semitism, Israeli government allocates NIS 100 million for emergency plan to encourage aliyah from Europe.

The Obama administration’s hard line on Israeli settlement construction during the president’s first term in office was a tatical mistake, former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote in her new memoir, “Hard Choices.”

Nadim Hamed

Nadim Hamed – Movie Maker

Nadim Hamed was born on january 13th 1984, Leverkusen Germany. In 1991 he came back to his parents’ home town Nazareth. He graduated from high school in 2002. He then moved to London to study computer science, followed by dentistry in slovakia for four years, a study that wasn’t completed due to his fascination in cinema that made him change the course of his life completely.

He began working in the film industry in Palestine/ Israel in films like “ The Time That Remains” (Elia Suleiman, 2009), and “ A Boy, A Wall, and A Donkey “ (Hani Abu Assad,2010), in the light department and sound department.

After that he started studying cinema  in Tel Aviv Minshar school of art for two years. during those years, he also worked in a lot of film productions in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, one of these films was the award winning film, “Diploma” by Yael Kayam, 2009, where he worked as assistant director.

Back in Nazareth he has directed and filmed several video clips for Palestinian music groups, such as “Wlad El Hara” , “Shakhsiyye”, and “Joe Zidan”. In the local marketing world, Nadim has made two commercials for EPSOS educational program.

Nadim has just completed his short drama film “The Inevitable Betrayal” (2012), where he  wrote, directed, and produced. Nadim currently is writing his first feature film “ Apple On Repeat”, as well as working on several projects in drama, videoclips, awareness videos and commercials.

Don’t let Israeli army brainwash you, warns powerful short film – watch

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