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Dark clouds are gathering, as NATO seeks to encircle Russia

President Sarkisian (center) at the NATO Summit in Wales on Thursday

Sarkisian Challenges NATO on Karabakh

Turkey a NATO member is aiming to steer NATO further towards a pro Azeri course. Armenian president warned NATO members:

“There are two options. Either it [the NATO Summit] will adopt the language of the OSCE Minsk Group, which is the only specialized international structure dealing with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict–language that was proposed and supported by the Co-Chair countries that are represented here by France and the United States of America–or upon the lobbying of another member state it will pass again with an aim to save the face of our tyrant neighbor vis-a-vis his own people. Believe me that option will not lead to any positive results.”

“Either common sense and the desire for peace will have the upper hand, or the silent encouragement of xenophobia will deepen the war rhetoric and deadly provocations so easily brandished by Azerbaijan, which does not care about its soldiers’ lives and becomes encouraged with such statements, will continue,” added Sarkisian.

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