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Creater of "Bye Bye Mosque" game faces up to two years in Jail

The FPO (Freedom party of Austria) politician Gerhard Kurzmann is to appear in front of a court on October 14, charged with incitement. He faces upto 2 years in prison. The charges relate to his role in creating the Moschee Baba bye bye Mosque flash game, video below.

In the game players try to stop mosque and minarets taking over the landscape of an Austrian City. Defeat is inevitable, unless, as the text at the end says, you vote FPO.

The swiss advertising specialist, Alexander Segert, who was also involved in creating the game, and who had been responsible for many of the swiss people’s party famous posters, is also under indictment.

As the Germen Lanugage counterjihad blog Kybeline says: “If you drew up a chart of dhimmi justice in west European countries, Austria would probably be right on the top. You need to wonder whether the judges and prosecutors have to secretly swear allegiance to islam before getting their licences. You only need to think of the trials of Susanne Winder and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-wolff. And now Kurzmann.”

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