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Chapter 1,2 and 3 from Garud Puran

Chapter 1 

From Verse 1 to 45 of Chapter 1, it is explained how two servants of Yam Raj tries to take Bio Atman. Bio Atman tries to re-enter human body. It sees all relations and it’s own body. It is important to know here about Pret Atman. Bio Atman is known as Pret Atman. Pret Atman is Atman of dead body, which remains near body or ashes of body. Pind Daan is an activity which helps Bio Atman or Pret Atman to get rid of Bio Chip by getting energy by unknown methods. Atman with Bio Chip is not free to take next birth and this Pret-Atman moves from one place to the other place with the help of written program on carbon or oxygen or hydrogen.  Till this program is not deleted or erased, next program can not be written.In Verse 46 to 50 it is informed that one takes rebirth after one suffers and enjoys it’s past actions.This is law of nature. Pret Atman remains at the same place of death till Pret Atman is converted to Bio Atman.This Bio Atman can be transported to Yam Raj. To change Pret Atman to Bio Atman, Pind Daan Kirya or activity is required. Pind Daan is performed by son of dead person. It can also be performed by friend or well wisher of dead person.

PIND DAAN Activity  

Pind Daan activity is to be performed for 10 days by son. Read Chapter 1 verse 51 to 56 of Garuda Puran. These Pind are divided in to 4 parts. Two parts are required to satisfy 5 Bhoot. Third part is for servants of Yam Raj. 4th part is used as food by the Pret-Atman. After receiving this food for 9 days, Pret-Atman is converted to Pret Body as per Garud Puran. On 10th day Pret Atman gets energy. With this energy it can now travel to Yam Raj or God of death. This path is known as Yam Street or Death Road. Details of food and methods by which Pret Atman or Bio Atman can receive energy or food, shall be informed in other chapters.

Pind Daan activity of first day creates head, second day creates neck and solders, third day heart is created. Fourth day activity generates back, fifth day creates naval portion. Sixth day waist and 7th day creates sexual and anus organs.8th day creates thighs and 9th day Knees and Feet. After 9 days and nights Pret Body grows to invisible one hand length of the body. Once this body is created then on 10th day one feels hunger and thirst. On 11th and 12th day Pret body takes food. On 13th day Yam Servants takes Pret Body to  Yam Raj. Excluding Vaitarni river death road is 86000 Yojan long. One yojan is —–Kilo Meters.  This Pret Body travels in every 24 hours 247 Yojan. Pret Body passes through 16 cities or villages. In Hindi Pur/ Puram or Bhawan or Nagar or Gram or Village  is known as place where one can take rest in hotel or take water or take rest.

  1. Somya Pur

  2. Sauri Pur

  3. Nagender Bhawan

  4. Gandharwa Pur

  5. Shaila Gram

  6. Kronch Pur

  7. Karur Pur

  8. Vichitra Pur

  9. Brahmapad Pur

  10. Dukhad Pur

  11. Nanakrand Pur

  12. Sutapt Bhawan

  13. Raudra Pur

  14. Payaovarshan Pur

  15. Sheetadya Pur

  16. Bahubheeti Pur.

After traveling all this one reaches to Yam Puri.

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 it is more a fear psychosis then scientific facts. In case we assume that this Pret Atman is traveling with the help of air then one can understand that air carrying this Pret Atman may pass through bad smell , or snakes, river or well ice age or snakes or scorpion or animals etc. Air may pass through heat , mountains etc. In Verse 15 of Chapter 2 there is one river known as Vaitarni River. This river is full of blood and bones and flesh of human beings or animals ,reptiles etc. This is full of fear psychosis . Nothing is left to your imagination which can not  create fear. Importance is given to Brahmin or Cow or religious activities and service to King or husband . After 17 days on 18th day it reaches to Village no. 1. It takes rest and hears sermons of Yam Servants as per Garud Puran. It takes also food given by Son of Atman or well wisher of Atman or dead person.

It is important to note that Pret Body travels through these villages in 12 months and takes food given by son or relatives and suffers for bad actions done by Pret Atman. Food is given by son. After travelling all these villages one reaches to Bahubheeti Pur . After reaching that village Pret Body changes  from hand length body to thumb size body again as per Garud Puran. This thumb size body is rady to take birth as per programm on carbon or hard disc. It is explained that this program can be modified with the help of power of Mantra or repetition. Scientists should try to store information on Carbon molecule and Hydrogen and Oxygen Molecule. This invisible world is also ruled or controlled by certain rules as per Garuda Puran or Bhagwat Gita.

Chapter 3

In the last village Pret Atman now sees Yem Village or Death God village. It is in 44 Yojan area. It is written in Garud Puran that Chitra Gupt explains activities of this Pret Atman to God of Death. Chitra means in hindi language photo or screen or what eyes can see. Gupt means information stored confidentially and not informed. One can also call it FBI or KGB agent taking photos or recording information as invisible person. Chitra Gupt gets this information from Yem servants known as Shravan. Shravan means person who hears. Shravan are son of Brahma. They can hear from far place even if human being are any where in the universe and can see from far place even if one is any where in Universe. There are Shravani women. These women can listen to desires or wishes. What ever is done by human being can be known to these Shravan and Shravani, who inform to Chitra Gupt. Actually during those days there was no development of chips, so one has to explain like this method only. Now we can say that Bio Chip is engraved to Nano Atman and it carries all information of one’s life. God of Death can decode this information . On the basis of this information one can get new life or new shape of the body. It may be higher energy or lower energy.

In Verse 59 and 60 it

 is informed that there are 84,00,000 different type of lives in this universe. Out of 8.4 Million lives, 21 lives are main. One can call these lives hell also. Why? Because permanent happines can ne achieved once a creation is free from taking rebirth. To achieve Moksha , energy level must be very high to break bonds of Carbon, Hydrogen , Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Normalyy Bio Atman passes through these hell as per it’s past action and then takes rebirth again.

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