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Bizarre Ancient Advanced Technology & Key-Stone Cuts

The other evidence for the vitrification of Andean stonework in some architectural sites included textural changes and even color changes from the original rock type seen in other parts of the construction project. Also, people who studied these vitrified stones more closely discovered evidence of softening or melting in order to facilitate the transformation to a reflected surface. They have even found odd changes in magnetic properties identified with compasses and other tools. There is no true explanation why this would occur or what it would do for the vitrification process.

If the particular large stone with a vitrified surface was attached to others with metal clamps for joining purposes, these sockets also showed signs that they were vitrified in some way. The completeness of the process has surely led to unique speculation and the need for more investigation to figure out how it occurred in those relatively primitive days.

Archaeologists have discovered multiple instances of the vitrification differences throughout various ancient megalithic sites in Peru. The following examples are just some that are more intriguing and raise considerable questions for those who study these types of stonework anomalies.

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