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Bhairav ji

Bhairav ji as per Hindu mythology is belived to be aspect of Lord Shiva . He holds a skull in his hand , this skull was head of Lord Bhramha. Why is he holding Lord Bhramha’s skull? What does it symbolize? To make it clear let me tell you a story from Shiva purana. Lord Bhramha had five head,so does Lord Shiva, but both of them had their own duties. As you may know in trinity Lord Bhramha is creator, Lord Vishnu is Protector, Lord Shiva is dirstructor. Lord Bhrahma thought that heis as powerful as Lord Shiva so he can also do Shiva’s work . Thinking himself Mighty among all Lord Bhramha the epitome of Knowledge , the one who created vedas ,grew arrogant and started interfaring in Lord Shiva’s duty. Shiva in form of Lord Bhairav threw his nail on Lord Bhramha ,cutting his head . Thus Lord Bhramha’s ego was shattered and he bowed to Lord Bhairav. Lord Bhairav is belived to be a guard of all. He mounts a dog and has four hands. He guards all 52 Shaktipeeths and his temple is enshrined at all shaktipeeths. He has eight manifestation Asithaanga Bhairava  Ruru Bhairava  Chanda Bhairava  Krodha Bhairava  Unmattha Bhairava  Kapaala Bhairava  Bheeshana Bhairava  Samhaara Bhairava


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