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Beyond Global Warming: Consciousness as the Ultimate Cause of Earth Changes

The following article is by a good friend of mine, Steve Larsen, and addresses the global warming phenomenon from a consciousness perspective that is quite Theosophical, if not, entirely so, and therefore is a great example of applying the truths of the Wisdom Tradition to current affairs. Govert

Beyond Global Warming: Consciousness as the Ultimate Cause of Earth Changes

There is no doubt that earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters are on the rise in this age. Where doubt and controversy exists, however, is in the determining the cause behind all of this. Environmentalists insist that global warming is the root of the problem, which in turn is said to be caused by greenhouse gases resulting from pollution and over reliance on fossil fuels for our energy and transportation needs. Global warming skeptics, usually conservatives, contend that these trends of nature have nothing to do with greenhouse gases and global warming, but are rather, the result of natural cycles that occur completely independent of the influence of mankind. Some religious fundamentalists, moreover, see the hand of God in all this, punishing mankind for its sins and perhaps leading up to some ultimate Armageddon that would be end of the world as we know it.

So which of these positions is the correct one? I submit that while each has elements of truth, the correct answer is none of the above. The religious are correct in that there is a cause-effect spiritual component to this, but it is certainly not a predestined or necessarily apocalyptic one. The conservatives are correct in suggesting that there are cycles in the earth, but are mistaken in the belief that these cycles are completely independent of our actions. The environmentalists are perhaps closest to the truth in suggesting a link between the actions of mankind and earth changes, but are misguided in their belief that fossil fuel use is the ultimate culprit behind earth’s recent travails.


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