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best wishes to Govert

The philosopher in action

The philosopher in action

As you may know, our dear friend Govert Schuller is taking a sabbatical at Far Horizons and will be largely incommunicado for the next three months.  I have worked, studied, taught, drank, argued, eaten, walked and talked, talked and talked with Govert for many years now, and though I know these summer months will pass by rapidly, I will miss him dearly.

As one of the handful that share his philosophical interests, I will gladly take up his “challenge for philosophically minded Theosophists to suspend their metaphysical constructs for a while and go through a philosophical awakening in the spirit of phenomenology.”  I hope some of you do as well.

While he’s gone, please visit and explore the rich treasures he has stored up at Alpheus, and continue some of the discussions he has prompted here:

Experiential Grounding of Theosophy

Seven Principles

Global Warming / Consciousness

Take care brother.

The madman in action

The madman in action

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