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Barbarik a warrior who can finish the entire Mahabharata in 60 seconds, that Sri Krishna asked his sacrifice before the war of Mahabharata.


SHAM IS NAME OF KRISHNA, He himself bestrew this name upon Barbarik.


you Must have heard about Bheema the warrior of Mahabharata. yes! this great warrior Barbarik was grandson of Bheema. Bhima married Hidama in Agyatvas ( a term of disguise was supposed to be passed by Pandavas) Ghatotkach was the son of Bheema from Hidima. Barbarik was son of Ghatotkatch and Maurvi.

Unfortunately, none of the children of Draupadi Survived in the war and the only one survived was the son of Abhimanyu in the Womb of Uttra, Parikshit, whom Sri Krishna Saved from Brahmastra of Ashwaddhama, a friend of Duriyodhana and son of Guru Dronacharya.

Barbarik was also a student of Sri Krishna , but who gave him the power to crush entire Army in 60 sec ?

it was not Sri Krishna who gave him this power. and why did Sri Krishna not take advantage of his powers?

Barbarik is Teen Ban Dhari , the one who owns 3 arrows.

Lord Shiva Booned him these arrows and Lord Agni Gave him  the Bow.

1st one to mark the objects he wanted to distroy.

2nd One he wanted to save .

3rd one to distroy , and in the end all will return back to him.

In my research, I also found that Goddess Durga Gave Barbarik the Bows, with a promise from him to use them only to help the weak. 1st arrow to mark the targets , 2nd to destroy the marked targets and 3rd one would destroy the entire earth.

many times in mythology I came across two or more stories behind one result.

3 bows by devi

when Barbarik heard of the mahabarata Yudh , he urged his mother to let him go and participate. He told his mother that army of Panadavas is very small in front of Kauravas and she must permit him to go. for this, he promised his mother that he would help the weeker side. ( and he is bound to help weaker as boon of goddess)

kishna barbarik

reaching there he greeted Sri Krishna.

Shri Krishna : how much time will you take to finish the war?

Barbari : 60 seconds

Sri Krishna :How ?

Barbarik told him about the arrows and its powers

Sri Krishna Tested his powers , saying that aim the leaves of this tree under which I stood.

Barkarik aimed and shot his 1st arrow , surprisingly it was revolving around the feet of sri Krishna.

Krishna : Why is it revolving around my feet?

Barbarik: there might be a leaf under your feet

and it was so, Krishna got sight of Barbarik’s power

Krishna : which side you support?

Barbarik : i would Support the Weakest side, as I Promised.

Krishna : in this way you willoscillatee in between both the sides and end up destroying both. as if you join pandavas , kaurvas will become week and if you join Kaurvas pandavas would.

Barbarik on knees what is the solution Krishna.

Krishna asked his head in Charity.

Barbarik expressed the desire to see the entire war , Krishna booned him that his head will be alive and can see the entire war , Krishna also gave Barbarik his own name Shaam , therefore Barbarik is Worshiped as Khatu Sham ji


there is a Temple of Khatu Sham ji in khatu Nagri in Sikar District of Rajasthan , as his promise he will Always help and protect weak.

there is also a Kund in the temple believed a bath in it could release you from Debts, and water in it comes from patal.

temple location
temple of Shyam ji
khatu kund

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