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Bal Rishies

 Lord Shiva certifies the mantras written by Rishi Atharva and names them “Atharva Veda”. Lord Brahma’s sons come and protest against Lord Shiva. They claimed that there are only three Vedas which are approved by their father, Lord Brahma. They challenge Shiva to prove his ability to certify a creation as Veda. Goddess Saraswati was appointed the judge for the debate between Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma’s sons. Lord Shiva proved himself Good Shastraarth ( test of Shastra’s and Vedas).

Rishies Claimed that Vedas are the Vaani (mouth Words) of Brahma i.e the only correct definition of Veda. Lord Shiva cross question them , How many heads do Brahma have?, they answered Four. then Shiva asked then how could the Vedas be only three. Lord Brahma comes in between the debate and orders his sons to accept Rishi Atharva’s collection as the fourth Veda.All four Rishies accept atharva veda as the fourth veda and they even admitted that Lord Shiva is more wise and Knowledgeable then them (the sons of Brahma and Saraswati) .

After the debate all four Rishies went to their elder brother Prajapati Daksh , who was the utter rival of lord Shiva. While Daksh’s brothers praise Mahadev, Daksh curses them and turns them into small kids. Daksha’s brother’s replied that your curse is a boon for us , being a child we will always be tempted to learn more and more , without getting tired of it.

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