Aryan Migration to Nepal

It is really interesting to know how and where you have come from. I am an Aryan born in Nepal and right from my childhood I had a deep thought about my origin as well. Aryans are not an indigenous people of Nepal; most of them have reached Nepal migrating through India. But that was not my main concern, I was more concerned about how the whole map of Aryan people movement from the very beginning, when there were no boarders or continents.

I had one Iranian (Persian) friend with whom when I discussed about human migration and their descent. Once she told me that she is an Aryan descent Persian, and I was very surprised and i said that I too am an Aryan, and asked her that from which tribe I belong to, then she replied that I might be Kurdish as well. Then I was so confused, I had previously thought that only Brahmins and Chettri were Aryans, I had thought her to be similar to Arab but which she seem to be not. Then I had a deep quest to know how Aryans migrated from middle east Asia, because I my Great grand mother had told me that our ancestor had migrated from far away from near to modern Iraq. I already felt that I was not a kurdish but i need to know that precisely. Then I started research about the matter on internet.

Then I felt that if we could track the data of evolution of our language then we can track the human migration route as well. Then I started to track the roots of every language, we Aryans use Sanskrit as the language used for worship and other things, and Sanskrit is the mother of many other languages as well. I had heard somewhere that Sanskrit was the mother language of even the European languages, but when I read the language tree I was totally wrong. I know there is no absolute truth till now still I thought Sanskrit the mother of all languages but indo-Iranian language was the mother language even of the Sanskrit language. But we still might be wrong because Sanskrit is supposed to be one of the oldest language till now. So lets not go deeper in finding which language is the mother of all languages Because we just want to find the migration route of Aryans to Nepal.

Aryan Migration to Nepal

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