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Armenian-Kurdish Alliance (AKA)

Facebook: Armensk-kurdisk allianse (AKA)

Armenians, Kurds, Azerbaijanis and Turks have a long history together. It is not even easy to tell who is who.

Through genetic testing it has been found that Turks and Armenians are the two people in the world who share most, but that also Kurds belong to the same genetic source.

There are many indications in other words, that the Armenians, who have the longest stay in the area, along with Kurds and Greeks were turkified by nomads from the east through dominance and marriage.

The Ottoman elite exploited the religious, cultural, economic and political differences between Turks and Armenians and the Turks began to see Armenians as strangers among them.

This is because they felt they had greater control over the “Turks” than of the learned elite. The result was genocide, population movements and oppression.

Much injustice has been done up through the years, but we now live in a modern age, where we will hopefully avoid more such tragedies.

It is now time to create the world we want. A world where you is not judged and characterized or discriminated because of ethnicity or religion, but is taken for who you are and what you do.

Anyway, there are many challenges we face, of whom the politics currently provided us by our politicians maybe is one of the largest.

While the Armenian population has been decimated because of purges and genocide, the Kurds is the world’s biggest population without a own country.

Turks and Azerbaijanis for their part suffer from their politicians disrespect for human rights, as well as towards the Kurds and Armenians. But what we need is peace and reconciliation – not more of what has characterized the relationship between our people before.

To achieve this it is important that we work together and show that we can live together across ethnicity and religion, but also across the artificial national borders that have been created between our people.

Article 301 of the Turkish law book states “The person who publicly criticizes the Turkish nation, the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish parliament, the Turkish government and the legislature shall be punished with imprisonment ranging from six months to two years.”

This stops all forms of criticism, has kept people ignorant of what is happening and has prevented Turkish recognition of the genocide of the Armenian genocide, whom the Turkish government still denies have taken place.

This Facebook group has been set up so that we again can come together, discuss the policy and share news about what is happening in our part of the world.

This is a group for us who want a society and a culture built on justice, equality, solidarity, freedom, sustainability and peace – and no racist attitudes or opinions will be tolerated.

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