Answering objection on my Varna thread

This person wrote a Post apparently debunking My post on Varna being merit based, lets see what he says on statement of Nirukta वर्ण वृणोते, he himself says that “One what is adopted by various karma is called Varna” of course Varna is due to karma.

Now for evidences from Manusmriti and Daksha Smriti, He totally Ignores the main Point.

He says because साहित्य संगीत कला विहीनं साक्षात् पशु (those devoid of literature and music are animals) do not mean they are literally animals hence shudra in Manusmriti and Daksha smriti do not mean Literally Shudra.

This is what we call कहीं की ईंट कहीं का रोड़ा भानुमति ने कुनबा जोड़ा, It is very clear he has not even read what is written there

Daksha Smriti very clearly says सन्ध्यां नोपासते यस्तु, ब्राह्मणो हि विशेषतः सः जीवन्नेव शूद्रः स्यान्मृतः श्वा चैव जायते

The Brahmin who do not perform Sandhyavandanam thrice daily becomes Shudra in this Birth and a Dog in next birth, very clearly it says and His desperate attempt to get of out this was entertaining.

Next Manusmriti 10.92 it clearly says शूद्रो भवति ब्राह्मणः “Brahmin Becomes Shudra” There is no way anyone can deny this, and Manu ji cannot write anymore clear than this.

He tries desperately to twist the narrative instead of addressing main issue, call any Sanskrit expert from anywhere in world and ask them to translate these verses they will say same thing.

Next I will address the Point that in many places in scriptures it is written that Brahmin is by Birth, Dwij is written, the Birth there refers to second birth through knowledge, Unless a person gets Knowledge he is treated like a Shudra even if he has qualities of Brahmin, I am not saying this from My side it is written in Apastamba Dharma Sutra

यस्माद्धर्मानाचिनोति स आचार्यः तस्मै न द्रुहोत्कदाचन स हि विद्यातस्तं जनयति तच्छ्रेष्ठं जन्म शरीरमेव मातापितरै जनयतः (ADS From whom a student learns about Dharmas is called Acharya, he should ne or be Insulted because he gives birth through knowledge, and that birth through knowledge is best, Parents only give birth to body. It is very clear that a person becomes Dwija only after second birth through knowledge, unless a person attains knowledge from Guru he is not considered Dwija as he did not undergo his second birth, Parents give birth to body only.

There remains no Doubt in this, that rhe Birth mentioned im dhastras are Birth through knowledge and not Physical birth.

On Manusmriti 10.65 I have written a Detailed Blog attached below, read from there

In Reply of Gita Swabhavik Guna one, it was full of abuses, After Gita 18.42 he Gives example of Hand, that hand will still remain hands even if they stop their work, from this it is clear that he did not even read Gita, it is talking about swabhavik qualities which govern karma in case of Hand, Shape, Size, composition etc are natural qualities if those are lost Hand will not remain Hand.

False Logic apllied everywhere.

Next about Rishi Kavash ailush he quotes ashtadhyayi and says rishis were criticizing Kavash Ailush thats why he was called Dasi Putra, who said they were not criticising him? Nobody said it

Rishis are indeed angry and criticizing him, yet they are not lying, Rishis don’t lie, they called him Dasi Putra criticising him do not mean he was NOT dasi Putra, it is a Fact that he was nobody can deny that.

Next about King Jānashruti, this person claims that he was called a Shudra because he was Sad, this is one of the reasons, another reason is thag he wanted knowledge in exchange of money and hence due to this KARMA he was called shudra.

I am not saying this Adi shankaracharya said it धनेनैवैनं विद्याग्रहणायोजगाम….

Hence here too he was called Shudra even when he was not born in Shudra family.

Next, who said Satyakama Jabala was a Shudra? He was a Brahmin because of his qualities of being truthful the story is mentioned because His Brahminhood was recognized by his qualities not birth, becauae his Gotra was unknown.

About Bhagwat, the Point Brahmin is superior by Birth refers to Birth through knowledge as mentioned in Apastamba, NOT physical birth.

These people try very hard to twist the narrative, ignoring the clear statements of Varna change.

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