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AmnesTea Bake Sale

Past and present Graduate Tea representatives, with ALL THE CAKE

Past and present Graduate Tea representatives, with ALL THE CAKE

Three generations of Grad Tea representatives joined forces today (with a little help from our friends) for an AmnesTea bake sale – that is, selling cake (with tea) in aid of Amnesty International to grads, undergrads, and staff alike.

It seemed to be a great success – most people’s only complaint was that choosing between chocolate cupcakes, apple and plum Danish pastries, chocolate-chip cookies, flapjacks, chocolate cherry brownies, and lemon-raspberry cake was just too difficult. The centrepiece and highlight was, of course, Charlie’s Colosseum Cake. The “Colosseum lights up life” project, which ran until the end of 2000, lit up the Colosseum every time a death sentence was commuted or suspended, and every time a country abolished capital punishment, as part of Amnesty’s ongoing campaign against the death penalty worldwide. Thus, a Colosseum cake seemed doubly appropriate, and we even lit it up as well!

Charlie's Colosseum Cake, lit up

Charlie’s Colosseum Cake, lit up

Anyway, I hope there will be a post with more details about the construction (and subsequent destruction) of the cake in the near future – this is just for the benefit of all of you who arrived too late to see it in its full glory. I’m also happy to report that we’ve raised over £120 to support Amnesty’s incredibly important work against human rights abuses worldwide – so thank you so much to everyone who made cake, helped out on the day, and came along to eat cake! Graduates may also like to know there are still some leftover slices of cake, cookies, pastries, and flapjacks in the Common Room, with an honesty box – all further donations welcomed…

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