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After 40 years, Turkey to pay 90 million euros – But what about Armenia – 100 years afte

Today is a historic day as the European Court of Human Rights has handed down a landmark judgment against Turkey for its human rights violations associated with the 1974 illegal invasion of Cyprus.

Turkey is obliged to pay 90 million euros to the Republic of Cyprus for the violation of human rights during and after the 1974 invasion of the island, the ECHR has ruled on Monday. Of the total sum, 30 million euros concern non-pecuniary damage suffered by the relatives of the missing persons,or relatives of missing persons and 60 million euros concern non-pecuniary damage suffered by the enclaved Greek Cypriot residents of the Turkish-occupied Karpas peninsula, in the island`s north-eastern tip.

These amounts are to be distributed by the Cypriot Government to the individual victims under the supervision of the Committee of Ministers.

The July 1974 invasion by Turkish forces — following an attempted coup by Greek Cypriots supported by a military junta in Greece — led to a mass displacement of ethnic Greeks and Turks in Cyprus.

The island is split between the Turkish Cypriot state in the north and the remainder of the Mediterranean island, known officially as the Republic of Cyprus, which is predominantly ethnic Greek and joined the European Union in May 2004. Despite United Nations efforts, reunification has proven elusive.

Ankara said before the announcement it would not be bound by the ruling, whose timing it said was aimed at undermining a fresh peace drive on the island. But a former Turkish judge at the ECHR said Turkey would have to pay the compensation.

Read the ECHR press release HERE

Read the judgment HERE

After 40 years, Turkey to pay 90 million euros

Court Orders Turkey to Pay Cyprus Over Invasion

Rights court orders Turkey to pay Greek Cypriots 90mn euros

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