A Tour of Ayodhya

Get in my time machine, I will show you what Ayodhya was like under Ram rajya…….

Standing on Banks of Sarayu, you can see the clear water moving peacefully through the plains, the mighty sarayu which supplies water to large city of Ayodhya looks majestic and beautiful, see there a deer herd drinking water in a distance, those black bucks are found all over Aryavarta.

Now turn towards the great city, see its extent, this city is 12 Yojans in length and 3 Yojans in width. Such a large city with thousands of inhabitants living here.

See here, this is the deep Moat which surrounds the whole city and see the city walls, well fortified and majestic, enemy soldiers may lose half their morale on just seeing these great fortifications.

Lets go towards the city, see the great arched gates of mighty Ayodhya, so large gates that the Army can Sally out in short time let enter the city, look to your right that’s the artillery(shataghni), there are 100s of such artilleries placed on strategic position these can couse massive damage to enemy army approaching.

There is a reason this city is called Ayodhya, it is very difficult to capture it and these fortifications and artilleries have a huge role to play.

Now look straight, we are on a Highway, such Highways are beautifully laid out throughout the city, not only it allows fast movement of army but also facilitates common people who have to move through this great city.

Let’s go ahead, see those markets, well planned and located in places such that citizens can easily access them without travelling much, there are hundereds of such local markets throughout the city.

Look up, see the matchless splendour of great Ayodhya, the beautiful and large buildings tall and all decorated with flowers and white in color, look there the tall builduing there, so high that it looks like it is touching the clouds. That’s the Palace of Lord Ram, covered with hundreds of flags and beautifully decorated, that’s where Prabhu Sri Ram lives.

Oh! soldiers are telling us to get off the Highway and clear the way, oh that’s why see those two great white elephants marching through the arched gateway, decorated beautifully with with gold chains and colorful beads and behind them comes marching a contingent of Soliders of army of Ayodhya, these are strong and well built Kshatriyas who are highly trained in art of war and weaponry.

And look! behind these soldiers, a beautiful white chariot decorated with gold and silver being pulled by powerful horses all decorated with colorful and all looked majestic, but who is that riding in that chariot?

A well built man with long arms, beautiful crown on his head studded with diamonds and gems, his bright face as if radiating light had a slight smile, with his beautiful eyes he is looking around and greeting bystanders who are praising him, yes he is none other than Sri Ram, King of Ayodhya going towards his palace where he lives……

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