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25 Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries In Human History

Alien Skulls

10 Weird and Grotesque Archaeological Finds

Twenty-five human skulls were found in a mass grave in Mexico with long skulls making them look like aliens.

Mexican villagers were digging into the ground when they found a mass grave, filled with 25 ancient corpses. Around half of the bodies had freakishly long skulls. Although some people were quick to suggest that the bodies were those of aliens, researchers believe that the skulls were reshaped on purpose – while their owners were still alive.

Children in the Central American cultures of 1,000 years ago had their skulls forced into odd shapes from a young age. Their heads were bound with flat boards, which put enormous pressure on their skulls. The pressure forced the bone tissue to grow upwards rather than outwards – resulting in something that looks a lot like an alien.

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