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During this ever-changing publishing industry, DTTV Publications (formerly DTTV Studios Broadcast Press) has been at the forefront. For over 30+ years, we have been successfully publishing high quality books with the experience and integrity that a great publisher demands.
In 33 countries around the world, we've published over 2,000 titles. In addition to working with charities, we support causes that are important to us and our authors. Our imprints include fiction, non-fiction, children's, educational, and poetry titles. See below for more information.

The authors we work with can opt for either traditional or hybrid contracts. By doing so, we provide a level playing field for both established and new authors. We have dedicated departments that are solely dedicated to our authors. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure your work is taken care of from production through to marketing to the highest standard possible. We are able to fill orders quickly around the world because we have our own warehouse and distribution center. As part of our ethical policy, we monitor our production and office practices to minimize harmful effects on the natural world environment. Please read our submission guidelines if you are interested in submitting your work to us.

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DTTV Publications has set the precedent for independent publishing focusing on ancient civilizations, which is unique. DTTV Publications primarily focuses on detailed collections. Founded by writers for writers, we do it all for love, but we also like to give new writers a platform.

The first Ryan Moorhen anthology was published in November 1991. Our success since then has led us to publish many more titles. Details can be found on our book collection page.

Our Submissions Page contains a list of titles for which we are currently accepting submissions or open competitions. Please sign up for the newsletter if we aren't accepting at the moment you look.

DTTV Publications takes pride in being a friendly and professional independent publisher.

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